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Annie Schnyder, PhD

As one of the founders I am resonsible for the execution of our services.

My speciality is chemistry with all its aspects. I love interesting challenges and I like to continously enhance my know-how by learning new topics. My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to successfully carry out projects in the team.  

My passion are the mountains. I spend my spare time with hiking, climbing, mountaineering and skitouring. 


Work Experience: 

2012 – 2016            Qualified Person, Head of QA and R&D (QP, CQO, CDO) at ASM Aerosol-Service AG, Switzerland
2010 – 2012            Head of technical support group (pre and postsale) for HTE at CHEMSPEED Technology AG, Switzerland
2009 – 2010            Head of Quality Control at ASM Aerosol-Service AG, Switzerland
2008 – 2009            Workflow Architect of the Tools Division at SYMYX Technology AG, Switzerland
1999 – 2008            Head of Business Unit ‘Catalysis Development’ within the department 'Synthesis and Catalysis' of SOLVIAS AG, Switzerland
1997 – 1999            Projectmanager in the Business Unit ‘Catalysis Development’ within 'Scientific Services' of NOVARTIS AG, Switzerland
1987 – 1988            IT Operator at Credit Suisse, Switzerland


1996 – 1997            PostDoc at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada with Prof. Dr. Mike Fryzuk, topic: metal organic chemistry
1993 – 1996            Ph.D. in Science at the ETH of Zürich, Switzerland with Prof. Dr. A. Togni, topic: catalysis and synthesis
1988 – 1993            Master at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland with degree as dipl. Chem ETH, topic: semiconductor technology

You can reach me under: 

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Cell: ++41 76 579 37 87

Office: ++41 61 554 40 54

Maria Moreno

As one of the founder I am responsible for the sales and marketing, project management and training. 

I love changes and spontaneity. The contact with other people is very important to me, because we learn so much from each other and enhance our own perspective. I am convinced, that there are no problems, only solutions waiting to be found.     

I spend my spare time with my familiy and friends. I like to travel and to dine out with my friends to test restaurants.   


Work Experience:  

2014 – 2016     Sales & Project Manager at ASM Aerosol-Service AG, Switzerland
2012 – 2013     Key Account Manager at H. Obrist & CO. AG, Switzerland
2007 – 2012     Sales Executive and Head of Logistic including Export Division and Storage at H. Obrist & Co. AG, Switzerland
1995 – 2006     Head of Sales Administration at H. Obrist & CO. AG, Switzerland

Education / Training:

2006                Event Management Assistance, Academy of marketing practice, Switzerland
2005                Communication Assistance, KV Basel, Switzerland
2004                Marketing Assistance, KV Basel, Switzerland
1985                Certificate of Proficiency, Churchill House School of English Language, England
1982 - 1985     Swiss Trade School Diploma, Handelsschule Liestal, Switzerland

You can reach me under: 

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Cell: ++41 76 585 84 03

Office: ++41 61 554 40 55